Tennessee’s Women
Six multicolor offset lithographic prints created by world-renowned artist Clarice Smith. Each hand-colored drawing originally appeared in the limited edition, letterpress, three-volume collection “Tennessee” by David Bruce Smith.

Each signed print is an original copy printed in Florence, Italy using a 60-year-old roller press.
They are available for $750 each + shipping. Each unframed print is 13″x 17.5″.



“These Are The Stairs You Got to Watch”

$750.00 + Shipping


“Night of the Iguana”

$750.00 + Shipping


“A Streetcar Named Desire”

$750.00 + Shipping


“Summer and Smoke”

$750.00 + Shipping


“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”

$750.00 + Shipping


“The Glass Menagerie”

$750.00 + Shipping