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American Hero: John Marshall, Chief Justice of the United States

John Marshall was a good son, a kind older brother, a loving father and husband, and a dear friend to many. Most importantly, he was Chief Justice of the United States.

Three Miles from Providence

In this unique book about Abraham Lincoln the author has created a fictitious veteran of the Mexican-American War who is asked to guard Lincoln at the White House, and the Soldiers’ Home …


“TENNESSEE” is a limited edition, four-color letterpress three-volume collection that contains the first publication — and printing — of Tennessee Williams’s recently …

Conversations with Papa Charlie

David Bruce Smith offers us this charming memory of his remarkable grandfather — a Russian Jew who immigrated to America in 1911 and built the Charles E. Smith …

13 Young Men

Charles E. Smith, a builder and philanthropist, believed the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center of the mid-1960s was obsolete. Racial tensions were repelling Jews from going there…

Building the Community

This finely bound volume is a partial compilation of Charles E. Smith’s speeches between 1965 and 1987 — with editorial by David Bruce Smith …

In Many Arenas

This book was a posthumous gift from a son to his father. Jeffersonian in style and detail, it is a compendium of the wise words of Robert H. Smith, 1966-2009.

Letters to My Children

These letters are a compendium of a father’s memories and occasional advice to his children. This work also incorporates a genealogy.

Afternoon Tea with Mom

A gift from a son to his mother, this coffee table sized book, illuminates the art — portraiture, florals and equestrian — of Clarice Smith …

Building My Life

Charles E. Smith recounts his life, entrepreneurial success in real estate development and philanthropic achievements in Washington, DC.


CONTINUUM was the first collaboration between David Bruce Smith and artist Clarice Smith. Her series of Venetian paintings provided the context for him to write …